Train your organisation to innovate systemically and systematically.


empathivity is a high-performance platform for innovation training. Individuals and teams learn to innovate by practising activities that generate value for the organisation.

Innovation onboarding

Strengthen the innovative attitude of your people. Convince them how vital innovation is. Unleash their curiosity and daring. Sow the seeds of a culture of innovation.

Learning by doing

Train your people by practising with simple, low-risk innovation initiatives that generate quick value. You will build the expertise and confidence to tackle more radical and disruptive innovation.

Guided workflows

Innovate in a systematic way by following the workflows implemented in the platform. These are collaborative workflows defined on the basis of the recommendations of ISO 56002:2019.

Outcome-driven approach

Innovate in a practical way. Organises innovation activities to achieve the desired outcomes and impact. Monitor progress with scoreboard and quarterly reports.

Innovation services

Nurture your organisation with on-demand services to accelerate results while minimising risk. Access consulting, design, financing and intellectual property management services, among others.

Innovation ecosystem

Boost your innovation potential with partners who complement your capabilities. Connect with research groups and startups that are working on disruptive challenges.

Use Cases

empathivity naturally adapts to different innovation models

Innovation Unit

Innovation Unit

Lab or centre concentrating all innovation

empathivity aligns the activities carried out in the Innovation Unit with the organisation's strategy.
Innovation Function

Innovation Function

Innovation as an integrated function in the organisation

empathivithy empowers innovation roles and the coordination of innovation activities across the organisation.
Open Innovation

Open Innovation

Incorporation of external innovation

empathivity helps to formulate the challenges to be faced and to integrate the solutions with the greatest potential for success.


Innovation feeds on talent and talent must be encouraged. Tokenisation is the basis of empathivity's reward system. Individuals and teams earn tokens for their involvement in innovation activities, which they can monetise or invest in innovation projects.


Tokens are earned:

  1. Applying the values of innovation culture.
  2. Consuming the training content.
  3. Participating in innovation activities.

Tokens are used to:

  1. Certify innovation skills.
  2. Invest in innovation projects.
  3. Exchange for crypto currencies or fiat money.

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